Sunday, April 5th, 2015, 6PM

Untitled 2Jose Castillo, Local Project & Marthalicia Matarrita presents: “Join us this Sunday at Local Project for a discussion about street art by the creative minds that make it. Why repurpose a piece of “garbage”? How does the artist derive value from something that on the surface has none?

Artist Panel includes: Marthalicia Matarrita, Rob Plater, Andre Trenier, Nicholai Khan, Stella Isabella & Vanessa Rosa rosa Jacques @localproject



04 2015

Public Mural Opens Saturday March 7th

 This Saturday you are invited to a toast! A toast to the unveiling of 4 new large scale murals at Local Project. The artists for this round of LP’s Public Mural Hall (PMH) include: Josefina Frederick, BKFoxx, Catalina Viejo, and collaborative pieces by Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett spread throughout the building.
The focus of the Public Mural Program is the practice of painting and public art murals. Beyond the PMH, the second component of LP’s Public Mural Program extends outside the gallery walls and serves to create opportunities for artists to show their work on the streets of our neighborhood, Long Island City. By forging relationships with those who have walls (business owners, real estate developers) LP is ensuring a place remains for the public artist in NYC.
Reception 6-10pm
Music by Sean Hanna


Josefina Frederick

This mural is part of my latest research about the vulnerability of exposed bodies as they respond to the circumstances of time and space. I investigate the representation of organic forms which writhe, move, multiply, and relate to one another. In this mural I build abstracted impressions inspired and influenced by patterns in nature. The line is the unifying thread in my work. Through repetition of gestures, lights, and shadows, I create new realities that speak of the continuous movement of time. My drawings grow from themselves; each successive line determines the next.


catalina viejo

Catalina Viejo

The Birth of Creativity.
A suspended figure gives birth to numerous hands. The hands fall from above and squeeze milk from the breasts of another figure below. The milk squirts out and feeds a group of hungry cats as well as a contorted figure suspended in space. The suspended figure gives birth to a rainbow. Flowers fall from her hands onto a figure who is standing directly underneath her. The rainbow is gripped by another figure and and redirected into space were it explodes into hundreds of stars.




I am a perfectionist. My pieces need to live up to my vision. I like to create an image that removes the boundary of the wall that it’s on. With this piece at LP, I  want the viewer to feel as if they are face to face with my fox, and he’s been itching to come out all winter. 




NS/CB is a collaborative mural and street art team based out of Brooklyn, Nyc composed of Nicole Salgar and Chuck Berrett.

Stylistically, Nicole is inspired by a vast array of genres and mediums. From victorian design to Indigenous folk art , fantasy and so on…her background has been steeped in art since she was a child, so it is truly her nature. Chuck has done art in some way or another since he was a child as well. He was heavily influenced by early heavy metal album art, Frank Frazetta, Creepy and Eerie comics, horror etc…


This project is made possible with the funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature and administered by the Queens Council on the Arts.


03 2015

The Gate is Broken : Fundraiser Saturday Feb 21


02 2015

Single – Opening Exhibition Feb 14

single_valentine's (1)

“Single” – is a curated art exhibition and an evening of readings, performance and stand-up comedy that delve into the experience of being single. The event will also feature Single Postal Service, drinks and a DJ after-party.

In the recent decades building a life as a single person has become more common. However there still exists a prevailing notion that one day we will all meet that special someone and settle down for a happily-ever-after. This event is not about that. Twenty artists of various age groups and backgrounds, based in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maine, Oklahoma and Winnipeg, Canada, consider the width and depth of living as an independent entity. Whether it’s longing for love, looking deeper into the self or exploring sexuality.

Single or not – come out bring your friends!

Opening February 14, 6pm at Local Project Art Space

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02 2015

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